Jacob Varghese

Jacob Varghese


Jacob completed his Master's in Economics and has been involved with church and youth ministry (ICPF, India Campus Crusade for Christ). He also serves as Reason...

Ankit Nayak

Ankit Nayak

Executive Director

Ankit loves to share the Gospel and indulge in deep conversations about the Bible. He enjoys ministering among the youth as a part of India Campus Crusade for C...

Who are we?

We are a web-based Christian initiative that aims to equip the believer defend their faith so that they may effectively evangelise.

What do we do?

We live out our Mission and Vision by airing our bi-weekly SAFT Podcast, hosting Areopagus conference(s) and engaging with live audience across languages via open forums.

Equipping the believer to defend their faith anytime, anywhere.

They are building a great resource and a much-needed ministry...

Brian Auten

Founder-Emeritus, Apologetics315

...the team at SAFT are not afraid to tackle the hardest questions...

Fazale 'Fuz' Rana

Vice President Of Research And Apologetics, Reasons To Believe

...I highly commend them to you...

Jerin Thomas

Global Mission Catalyst, WCD of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Canada


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